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Big heads and little feet

babyWhen we receive Jesus Christ as our personal Lord and Savior, the Bible tells us that we are “born again” into God’s family.  We are likened unto an infant.  “Babes in Christ.”  One thing about babies – they are cute!  In fact, any species of animal is cuter when it’s a baby.  I think one reason why they are so cute is that their heads are so big!  Anything with a big head like that – out of proportion with the rest of their body – is kinda cute!  Not only that, but their feet are really little!

What if someone who was born into God’s family many years ago still has the attributes of a baby:  big head and little feet?  Is that still “cute?”  I don’t think so.  Babies are cute when they are babies – but if they remain that way for too long, we get alarmed!  I worry sometimes that in our churches we give so much good information – week after week – that we puff up the heads of our members.  Coupled with that is far too little emphasis on practical application of those truths – exercise.  They end up with big heads and little feet.  They think they are grown.  They think they are mature – because they know a lot of info.  But they are not.

If the actual condition of a group of believers is that of a baby, then what should the proper diet consist of?  MILK – until they get strong enough to start walking, running, jumping on their own.  I wonder if the right prescription for big headed baby believers (with their name on church rolls for decades) with little feet is to go back to feeding them the elementary things of the word of God (milk) and holding their hands to help them get their balance and begin to exercise.

What do you think?

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Big head and little feet! Would be a good sermon title. A very sad yet truthful description of the state of many believers in our churches. What makes it a sadder situation is that it seems to be an impossible venture for the preacher or for anyone to point this out to these people!


What do I think? Visualize it! An adult body with a large head and small feet would not be able to stand, let alone walk. A wheel chair would be required. Are they then handicapped”! Disabled.?! Crippled lambs; (still, …much loved by our Father!) What would the spiritual parallel be to “physical therapy”?! I wonder. Yes, hold their hands. Yes, scheduled exercise.
(Oh no! I’m reminded of “assisted living” facilities!) I’d much rather envision a class in the gym for P.E. (physical education). Ha-ha! Yes, I’m a jock, at heart! Perhaps play “follow the leader”?! Monkey see, monkey do. With monthly Pep Rallies! Personal testimonies. The majority just can’t get overly discouraged. Where’s that attitude of “He ain’t heavy; he’s my brother!”? Hey, even babies can clap their hands, and so they can be actively enrolled as Cheerleaders! Atleast.


That would be a good series, great title!


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