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Cycling and Fellowship

Yes, it’s true – I am a new fan of cycling.  I am a beginner for sure, but have been enjoying the learning curve.  While out on the road I especially like riding with others.  While doing so I was reminded of a life lesson:  the power of fellowship.  I have found that when I ride alone, it is not long before I get tired, feel discouraged and want to turn around, cut the ride short and go home.  When I am with others riding, I am not only too embarrassed to do that, I am truly energized to push on and go farther than I would by myself.

Our Christian lives are like that.  We are energized by others who are on the same journey we are on.  Their zeal to continue motivates us to press on.  We draw strength from one another.  When we forsake the benefits of working together (biblical fellowship), we tire quickly, get discouraged and want to turn around and quit!

Let’s be smart about how we live our Christian lives.  Let’s do it together in community.  Let’s draw strength from one another and press on.  It’s really more fun that way and when you are done (similar to a good workout), you are glad that you did.

As for me, I’m going to keep heading down the road.  Who wants to go with me?

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