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Good Samaritan Law

The Good Samaritan law basically protects people from liability who choose to aid others who are injured or ill.  It is designed to reduce the bystanders hesitation to assist for fear of being sued or prosecuted for “wrongdoing.”  It’s a great idea – encouraging people to actually care about their fellow man.

It is based on the Bible account of the good Samaritan found in Luke 10:30-37.  The interesting thing about Luke 10:30-37 is that when you look at the picture given, you will see that the injured man clearly pictures a lost man who gets saved. He is a “certain man” who “fell” among “thieves” and was stripped of his clothes and left “half dead.”  This is the condition of every lost man – as a certain man (Adam – in the garden of Eden) fell into sin and found himself naked – stripped of the righteousness of God.  He died spiritually that day, but continued to live physically for over 900 years.  You could say he was “half dead.”

The Samaritan represents a Christian who offers the necessary help.  He heals the would by pouring in oil (a picture of the Holy Spirit) and wine (a picture of the blood of Jesus Christ).

If you want to learn more about how this story clearly pictures a Christian helping a lost man get saved, you can listen to the message I taught to our church.

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Shouldn’t we all remove our hesitation to really help the spiritually wounded that we come across as we journey, and help them come to know Jesus Christ as their Savior?

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