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There is a debate in churches today over the issue of relevance.  The idea is that our ministries need to be flexible enough to change the methods of presentation without changing the content of the message.  There are abuses of these principles all over and as a result, many have firmly landed in the “we shall not be moved” camp.  But as I considered this idea, I wondered if the Bible had anything to say about it.  Probably the most popular reference would be 1Cor 9:20-22 which ends with:  “…I am made all things to all men, that I might by all means save some.”

Recently I came across another verse of scripture that screamed out to me the idea of relevance.

Luke 16:8  “And the lord commended the unjust steward, because he had done wisely:  for the children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light.”

The phrase “in THEIR generation” – is NOT:  “in THIS generation.”  It refers to ANY generation – to EACH generation, if you will.  The unjust steward is commended for learning the lessons that unsaved people already know.  Each generation has its own way of doing things and the steward adapted to the common logic of HIS age.  Sure he was a lousy steward and lost money for his lord – but in the end he did finally do SOMETHING!  I mean, whatever he was doing prior to that was yielding NOTHING!  And, as we all know, “Something is better than nothing!”

I am embarrassed that the story of Luke 16 teaches that God would like for us, as His stewards, to “at least do as much as lost people!”  Nevertheless, I am comforted by the fact that He is pleased with anything I can return to Him.

Let’s not wait until everything is perfect before we get in the game.  “Something is better than nothing!”  And maybe we need to think about what the lost world knows that we haven’t figured out yet.  We could probably learn some things that would not “require us to sin!”

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Amen brother! Preach it!


I like this message very much. It is very liberating. Most of us want everything to be just right before we attempt something, whether it’s money, circumstances or a fleece that is wet on the bottom instead of the top. But we can die of old age and the world will die and spend eternity in Hell if we wait on everything to be perfect.

I use to have a boss whose favorite quote was, “Do something, even if it’s wrong!” If we do something, even if it turns out to be wrong, we can learn something from it, and I believe God can still use our mistakes for His glory. That is what I think Romans 8:28 means whe it says: And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

Even in our mistakes, God can receive glory. But if we do nothing . . .


very cool, man. i was really convicted by this message when you taught it at fbc. good stuff that we can all learn from.

p.s. – you should add an rss feed to your page! (if you know what that is) ;)

p.s.s. – we should go for a ride sometime. i’m beginning to build up my long-distance tolerance.


right on brother !!!! , keep preaching it and turning those corners !!!!!


To start I am a christian like you. The way I got intrested in this site was through a movie End of the Harvest, it’s by Rich Christiano film group. A man in the movie was named Jeff Bartell and had a very intresting oppinion about the end of the world. I don’t know if you’ve watched this movie but I thought I’d let you know how I came about your site and that I really enjoy reading your messages.

Keep teaching the word of the Lord our God in good faith and you shall be blessed.

Your sister in christ,


Thanks Rachel. Yes, I am the Jeff Bartell from that film. Rich Christiano is a friend of mine. We came up with that idea many years ago at a Bible study at his house in Jonesboro, AR. I’m glad you found my blog and are enjoying it.

God bless,


I like Rachel have stumbled upon your blog because I was looking to verify if a college student with your name really wrote a thesis in 1949 analyzing when the world would end. How did an idea at a BIBLE study become the central theme in a movie? Thank you.


No, Katherine, the film was fiction. The filmmaker is a friend of mine and he used my name. The Bible does support the thesis presented in the film about 7 days being associated with 7000 years of human history, and the strong possibility that the Lord will return sometime around the year 2000. Obviously, we don’t know the exact timing of His return. Our Bible study on this subject many years ago inspired Rich (the filmmaker) to write a script which would allow him to get this information out.


..and it obviously worked. So cool to know you are a friend of Rich and the Jeffrey Bartell in the movie was named after you.



So where did this end time theory originate from? Do you have a link I can read more about it?



This theory comes from a comprehensive understanding of the Bible. The Bible often uses comparisons to teach. It says, for example, that 1 day with the Lord is “AS” 1000 years. The Bible chronology of human life dates Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden around 4000 BC. From that time until now would be “like” 6 days. The Bible says that we can understand the “END” from the “BEGINNING” – and the first book of the Bible (Genesis) begins by saying: “In the beginning …” It is a description of creation – taking 6 days and 1 day of rest.

You can learn more about this from a Christian film called: End of the Harvest.

I am not aware of a specific website that does a better job of explaining this theory.


I think it is so sad that their are people who do not believe in Christ. I watched the movie “end of the Harvest”, and I must say, I was really excited at all the information it gave. I am currently doing my own study on this theory. I want to have all my facts straight so I can spread the word without misleading anyone. I have been praying for our Lord to open my eyes, ears, and heart to the truth of his word. I believe I was lead to watch this movie for direction. keep up the good work and God Bless you!


Good Luck Lisa and may God bless you while you study.


Hello Jeff,
I just watched End of The Harvest on TBN this morning (yes, still not asleep and it’s 3:48 a.m.). Anyway, being a Christian and end time prophesy buff, the movie was fascinating. I was searching the Internet to see if Jeffery Bartel actually existed, even though I saw the name in the ending credits of the movie. I wanted to thank you and Rich Christiano for bringing this information to light. I am going to share it with as many people as I can.



Greetings Jeff from Lima-Peru.
Last night I have the chance to watch the film on internet, and I really liked it. In deed it was a blessing.
I took two courses about Philosophy at college as part of my studies, and I in every class I have mention that I am a new born Christian, and I have corrected even one of my teacher for having a bad information about what Christianism teaches. I praise God for you both, Rich and you, i hope to know a website where I can find that theory and verses to study more and be prepared to give answer of my faith. Yenny


Thanks Yenny! Great to hear you are following the Lord. I am actually going to be visiting Peru at the end of July. I know some missionaries that have great ministries there. Hopefully you have found a good church home there in Lima. God bless!


Can you link me to the paper that was written by Jeffery Bartell? I would like to print it out and mail it to a friend.


I’m sorry Pam, the film is fiction and therefore there is no “paper” available – other than the Bible, which does support the argument of 7 days being compared to 7000 years of human history. Maybe you can read some of the previous comments on this blog post for further discussion. Thanks for stopping by and commenting! God bless.


Pam, if I understand correctly what you want is basically a transcript of what was said in the movie concerning the paper. There actually is a website that has the actual verbage as it was in the movie. I would suggest you highlight the text and do a copy and then paste into a word document to print. If you print from the web site, then you will also get all the nasty comments that appear at the end in the comments section…you don’t need that.
Here is the link:


I liked the movie alot. I bought the VHS tape a couple of years ago. I was studying the comparision between the first and second ADAM[Jesus] and noticed that 1948 years into the future produced Abraham and also 100 years further into the future, produced the promised son Isaac. I think Jesus will come back to earth within 100 years of Israel becoming a nation [2048]. This is just my opinion. May the Lord open our hearts and minds, and may we be ready for his coming!


Was surfing the TV and came upon your film, “End of the Harvest”. Always looking for topics for my Bible Prophecy Classes, I immediately saw the man the harvesting the wheat as a metaphor for the End time Harvest. I had heard of the six day analogy many times over the last twenty years but have never really been able to use it with authority.
The film does offer some good ideas. I have used the Transfiguration verses a lot and new there was a 6 day link but never connected it like you did. The other examples given are also thoughts to ponder and pray over.
Grant Jeffery makes several good points as regards to those End Time prophecies which can occur only once, like the establishment of Israel, the return of the Language of Hebrew, the return of the Shekel among others which have come to pass is our time. Jesus said in Matthew 24 to learn the parable of the Fig Tree and likens it to the return of the Jews to the Land and the return of Christ. Since God cannot break his promise and these events can never occur again, either God is a liar or we are more near the Day of the Lord than anyone can possibly suspect. I have more faith in the latter… Praise the Lord. Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus.
Thanks for your fine efforts to spread the Word..


Hello, I recently saw the show “End of the Harvest” and was completely overwhelmed…
It really opened up my eyes to the end time.

I have been studying the end times with my husband for a while now. Perry Stone says many things from the old testament that links so much to the new in tune to end time events.

It is just fiction then that the Jeffery Bartell in the story wrote the story in 1949?
All the other research I have done shows Bartell writing the story in 1949. Kinda confused me….

I googled Jeffery Bartell and came up with the story, saying it was written in 1949.


Hello Bonnie,

Thanks for your interest. The movie is indeed fiction. A friend of mine wrote the script and used my name for the character who wrote the thesis on the end of the world. We had a series of Bible studies together discussing this topic and he wanted to get that information out there so he wrote the movie. So there is no “paper” available – as the movie referred. The scriptures used are a good basis for how God uses the number 7 in a unique way and how it could point to the timing of His return.

If it stimulates your study of the scriptures, then the movie accomplished its purpose! God bless!


I just read your theory for the first time & I am very impressed with it. It really makes a lot of sense. It seems to me that you love the Lord & are very interested in the truth. Would you please consider, if you never have, going to a website called It is absolutely amazing, and has changed my life forever! Your Sister in Christ, Janette:)


Hi Jeff,

I just showed End of the Harvest to a group of 6th graders and they all loved it. I did too! It really got them thinking about the end times and about how they need to be laborers in the harvest. Very challenging! Kudo’s to Rich Christiano for another inspiring film! Also like Second Glance, The Moment After, and Late One Night.


Hi Jeff,
I really loved the movie, and the therory makes so much sense. I had heard Perry Stone teach on the same scriptures, and the same therory. Don’t know who came up with it first, and it really doesn’t matter..all I know it made me want to know more and get deeper into God’s word. My cousin had brought up the same points concerning the same scriptures, and when I watched the movie on Angel 2..I had it recorded; so my family could watch it, and I also rented the movie; so my cousin could watch it. I told her the very thing we had been discussing a week or two before was in a movie. So very thankful that the character in the movie explained that no man knows the day nor the hour in which Christ will return. But I do believe it’s not far off, and people better get ready. I use my face book to witness to the lost, and to the ones who say they are Christians; but they bare no good fruit. Anyway, I thought that Jeffery Bartell was really a man who wrote a paper on the subject of the end of the world..I even went on-line to search it Glad to meet the real Jeff Bartel. God bless you.


End of the Harvest is a film that brings you closer to jesus christ,and is an excellant film for group bible study,and is a film the holy spirit uses to save all gods people who want salvation from our savior jesus christ.



the best film produced by dave christiano,is The End of the Harvest.


Su mensaje ha motivado mi vida a conocer a Cristo de manera profunda y servir al Señor con lo que tengo ahora, se que el dará su santo espiritu a quien se lo pida, y hoy, yo quiero no solo que viva en mi corazon, tambien quiero vivir para El.



I just finished watching the movie I love it. I’ll show it at our youth meeting one of these days


Hi Jeff,

The intricacies found in the Bible are amazing and are even more proof that there is a God! It is interesting how different books of the Bible written by different authors are interconnected in a way that can only be inspired by an all knowing Creator! This theory that the six days of creation and the seventh day of rest correlating to a 7000 year period from Adam to the end of the millennium is amazing! What’s more interesting, is that within the theory, the metrics used to calculate the 4000 years from Adam to Christ use the ages of all of the people within the ancestry of Jesus. This leads to one more intricacy that shows the complex intertwinement of the Bible that also supports the truth that there is a God. The fact that God placed the ages of Jesus’ ancestors into the Bible, along with the description of the seven days of creation, Isaiah 46:10, Hosea 6:2, Matthew 17:1, 2 Peter 3:8 among the other scriptures mentioned in the theory, leads me to believe that God wanted us to calculate the approximate time of Jesus’ return. Why else would God place the ages of these people, even the less significant ones, into the Bible? Perhaps God also wanted to illustrate a timeline for historical purposes too. Perhaps there are also other reasons for placing their ages into the Bible, but I cannot seem to find any. If there is, please let me know. I do believe though that the fact God did place their ages into the Bible is to help us approximate the second coming of Christ! The most amazing thing though is the complexity of this theoretical theme/message within the Bible, along with a multitude of other intertwined scriptural themes and messages, demonstrates the complexity of God’s mind (Isaiah 55:8), thus giving further proof of a Living God! No human could have thought up the multitude of these numerous complex messages! Praise the Lord! May God bless you and your ministry!



I also forgot to mention in my earlier comment that it is also interesting that God said in Psalm 90:12, “Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.” Is the theory of equating the seven days of creation to the 7000 from Adam to the second coming of Christ a numbering of our days?


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