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Deleted scenes

Similar to deleted scenes at the end of a movie, I thought I would give you the items that I studied for a Sunday sermon, but got deleted from the final draft.  If you enjoyed the message on Sunday, you should also enjoy the deleted scenes.

1Samuel 5 – the ark of God deleted scenesin the temple of Dagon.  There are so many things that can be learned from this text that it was hard to pick which one would be most beneficial to our church.  One thing that I learned from the text that I did not include on Sunday has to do with God doing His work without the help of man.

So often, we get this “co-dependent” attitude toward God – as though he needs us to complete His mission.  While it is true that He chooses to use man, He is also fully capable to accomplish His purposes without us, as demonstrated in 1Sam 5.  I realize that the danger of this is that many might conclude, “OK, great!  I guess I don’t need to bother to serve after all.”  That would obviously be an error, but still I prefer to focus on the liberating idea that I don’t need to stress-out over the results of what I do for God.  Ultimately, He and He alone will accomplish His purpose – whether through me or not.  When I keep that perspective, it frees me to do what I know to do, without worrying about the part that I can’t control.

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Thats cool to hear again. It kindof frees you up to just do something and not worry about how it turns out. Thats what I need to do.

At the same time, I don’t want to go off and “just do something” without having an inkling of an idea what to do.


Also, you should give up the nomad thing for awhile.


Thanks, Steve, I’ll take that as an encouragement that you want me to hang around a while! You’re right, I have no plans to keep moving … but the nomad title is a fair representation of who I am – having moved as much as I have.


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