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The Art of Following

FollowshipSunday in church we talked about following God’s structure for your life, even when the leaders over you make bad decisions.  Most people gladly follow only as long as they agree with the direction of those over them.  Our path of spiritual growth will inevitably take us through the test of having to decide whether we will follow those God has placed over us when we know the decisions they are making are bad, wrong or just plain dumb.

The question arises, “But what if the one over me requires me to sin?”  First off, I think those cases are more the exception than the rule.  For example, many Christians recognize that abortion is wrong.  So they spend time and resources to fight against abortion clinics – even to the point of breaking the law.  As terrible as abortion is, still no one is required to do it.  The government simply allows people to do it.  You are also allowed to not do it.

Another example:  if your boss at work requires that you falsify records, cheat other companies or steal from customers or the government on taxes, and if you do not do it you will lose your job, then you are in a tough spot.  You are required to obey your boss, but you are forbidden to steal.  In such a case you need to defer to the higher authority – the scriptures.  This is the time to take a stand against doing wrong and risk losing your job.  Trust God to give you another job as necessary.

In the spirit of being a good follower, we can overcome many obstacles without rebelling, if we simply keep rank and quit trying to take over control in an area where we are not given that responsibility.  Leave room for God to work it out.  Don’t take the matter into your own hands.  Don’t get ahead of God.

For more on what we learned on Sunday about how to be a good follower, you can listen here.

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O jeff je i madh


This lesson was really good for me…I know I’ve got a lot to learn in followship…truly following.



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