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My Macedonian Call

On Monday, April 12th I will be leaving to travel back to Albania for a visit.  Actually, the reason for this trip is to attend a conference in Struga, Macedonia.  This conference is titled: “From Everywhere to Everywhere” and is hosted by Eagles of Peace – a new mission organization in Albania.  Eagles of Peace is led by a personal friend of mine, Nathan Graves, and Nathan is a missionary with Christar – a well-known mission agency emphasizing church-planting among the least-reached peoples of the world.

Church leaders from all across the Balkan peninsula will be attending this conference, which will challenge them to consider sending people from their churches to reach out to the least-reached peoples of the world.  Eagles of Peace is establishing a mission sending center in Albania which will facilitate and train potential missionary candidates from “everywhere” (regardless of their nation of origin) to go “everywhere” (especially deeper into the parts of the world that are typically more hostile to the gospel).

Nathan has invited me to come and pray about partnering with them to lead an effort to rally US churches to support this ministry.  With my particular background and experience in Albanian church-planting, and now my role as pastor of a strong, missions-minded local church, it could be a good fit for us.  If we decide to work together with them, then we would have many opportunities to not only support them financially, but also make frequent trips to assist them in training new missionary candidates.  This could turn into a a major missions project focus for FBC for the foreseeable future.  Please pray with us about this opportunity.  The conference dates are April 18-21.

If you would like more information on Christar, you can find it here.

If you would like more information about Eagles of Peace, you can find it here.

I’ll try and keep you posted on what’s going on as the next weeks unfold.

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