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“Entitlement” is when a person lays claim to some possession or privilege.  Typically, we use the word when people feel that some thing is “due” them.  They are “entitled” to it.

This phenomenon is particularly noticeable in today’s youth culture.  More and more young people today feel that they are “entitled” to a certain lifestyle, or level of comfort and ease.  They may see it as their “right” to have things provided for them – either by their parents, or by the government, or by whoever they feel owes them such a privilege.  As these “spoiled” (sorry!) youth grow up, they frequently continue this entitlement mindset.  The most common discussion of the day is about whether or not the federal government must provide multiple social services to the masses.  After all, they are “entitled” to a better life.

The interesting thing about entitlement is that the very word stems from the root:  “title.”  An entitlement is given to someone with a TITLE!  Historically, that would be the royal, or ruling class.

In the Bible, King Saul is a great example of this.  Holding the title of “King of Israel,” Saul demanded that others serve him.  After all, he was the king!  He was “entitled!”

As we make application of this to our lives we must ask ourselves a question.  Who is it that holds the title (“king”) in our lives? Is it you?  Or, is it Jesus?  You see, if Jesus has the title – then He must be served.  If you hold the title – then you expect others to serve you.  I have heard it well said that there are 2 positions in the heart of a man – a throne and a cross.  If Jesus is on the throne, then you must be on the cross.  If you are on the throne, then you place Jesus on the cross.

Before we get too upset about what we think we are entitled to, or what others owe us, maybe we (as Christians) ought to first deal with the real question of who truly has the TITLE of “king” in our lives.  As I surrender to the Lordship of Jesus in my life, I realize that I am owed nothing and that I am a debtor to God for His abundant grace, mercy and gift of eternal life through Jesus Christ.  Anything beyond that is just a gift – and I am thankful.

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Amen. Very well said.

God Bless.


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