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A friend of mine recently told me this:  “You can’t choose your successes, but you can choose your failures.”  That’s because life is full of unexpected events that affect our lives.  Every day brings circumstances / interruptions  that we didn’t see coming.  Successes come and go  and are usually dependent upon others cooperating with your effort.  You can be totally in control of your failures in that you have the power to choose what things you will attempt in life.  That being the case, why not choose to attempt things that matter?

This Sunday at FBC we are beginning a 4 week series titled:  “Unexpected.”  We will be looking at the life of David from 1Sam 22-25.  This week we will look at how we deal with people interrupting our plans.  The contrast is between David and Saul.  Read 1Sam 22 and come to church this Sunday prepared to see how the lives of these 2 men represent how we deal with people who interrupt our plans.

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