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I just finished reading “Servolution” by Dino Rizzo.  I would give this book an 8 out of 10 rating.  I enjoyed reading it.  This blog post is not intended to be a book report as much as a commentary on the subject and importance of serving.  Dino Rizzo, the pastor of Healing Place Church in Baton Rouge, LA, has literally started a revolution by serving people in Jesus’ name.

Here’s what I love about the book:  he emphasizes serving people – all people – in any/every way possible, just because that is the right thing to do.  They do it without necessarily connecting the service to their church’s name – but for sure connect it to Jesus’ name.  That is real Christianity.  That is how Jesus lived.  That is how we are to live too.  Interestingly, he notes, that if you concern yourself with serving people in Jesus’ name, then Jesus will concern Himself with building the church.  (Matt 16:18)

There are great examples of ways to serve people here in our community as well as all around the world.  It’s easy really.  Ask yourself:  “What do you enjoy doing?”  And then go do that for others!  The amazing thing about serving others is that it’s contagious!  Once you get “infected” you will love doing it!  Sure it can get tiring, but when you are part of a greater body of believers doing it – it’s awesome!

Another advantage of serving others in Jesus’ name is that it miraculously helps all your troubles fade!  Amazing!  It’s almost like God Himself planned it that way.  Hmmmm, what a concept – focus on others rather than yourself.  If you are hurting, why not give it a try?  Has anything else helped ease your situation?  What can it hurt to invest some time helping those who can’t help themselves?

All through September here at FBC, we are going to be emphasizing the importance and power of serving.  New Philadelphia, Dover and other surrounding communities have needs and Jesus needs someone to go and serve them.  Sure there are others doing it.  Great!  There is still MUCH room for more to serve and share Jesus’ love.  We are going to get involved in a much bigger way.

Areas of service can also be right here in our local church.  After all, we do have guests visit us every week.  If we serve them “as unto the Lord” then maybe they will stop and seriously consider that God is real and that He really loves them.

I say we go for it!  C’mon y’all – it’ll be fun!

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thanks for the comments about the book. we’re truly blown away at how God is using this book to inspire people – and in a large way it is due to you and others like you who are not only serving but are spreading the word about the joy and hope that being a serve-minded person can give.

just wanted to say thanks.


I just want to share the same sentiment. I love the book and we started doing the same thing here in the Philippines. We call our servolution PASA LOVE of SHARE LOVE. We’ve seen what it can do. It’s simply not about serving people but obeying God. God bless!


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