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I love the idea of working together as a team.  There is a different kind of joy when you win at an individual sport.  I’m not trying to say one is better than the other, they are just different.  When you win a team sport, all the team members must do their part together for the team to succeed.  That is a great feeling.

Similarly, the body of Christ should work together like a team.  No one person can do everything.  Everyone has their part.  Case in point:  last Sunday I preached a simple gospel message.  I used the illustration from Saul’s life from 1Chronicles 10:13-14. You can listen to the message here:

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After the service, a friend told me that another friend was deeply touched by the message of the gospel.  He finally realized that he was not actually saved, but that he needed to be.  These friends talked more about this, but ultimately the man went home to “think about it” more.  Well, that night the reality of it all was weighing heavy on his heart and he finally turned over the control of his life to Jesus Christ and asked Him to save him and give him eternal life.  He got saved that night!

This is where the teamwork comes in.  My role was simple:  communicate the gospel clearly.  The rest of the story is in the ongoing friendship between these two friends.  Also, once the message was given at church on Sunday, the one friend “took the ball and ran with it” – in that he did his own follow up and tried to help his friend better understand his condition before God.  It worked!

This is the way we need to function in the body of Christ.  Everyone has their role.  Quit expecting everyone else to do your part and quit thinking that you can do it all yourself.  There is power in numbers!  We need each other and we need to work together.  Now, we have a new member of the family because someone understood the value of teamwork!

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