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I just finished reading a book entitled:  “Leaving Microsoft to Change the World.”  It is written by John Wood, a former Microsoft executive in Asia.  Along the path of John’s life he made a drastic change.  He quit his lucrative Microsoft job and started a non-profit called “Room to Read” which raises money to provide libraries and books in struggling schools in developing countries.  As John tells his story, he finds meaning and purpose in life by helping to educate the world’s children.  It’s a very inspiring read.

As I read this, I thought about our recent missions conference and the discussion on “Business as Mission” (BAM).  We want to look for smarter ways to do God’s mission and ultimately help ministries be self-sustaining without the continual need for Western financial support.  This strategy also motivates all of us to consider the unique gifts and talents God has given us and how to leverage them for His kingdom.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who has ever thought about moving from a life of success to significance, but has (like many of us) been hesitant to make the first step.  Near the end of the book, I particularly liked a quote from John:

“If you are thinking about making some adjustments in your life to allow you to help change the world, my heartfelt recommendation is not to spend too much time thinking about it.  Just dive in.”

I couldn’t agree more.  Time is short.  What are we waiting for?  Let’s dare to dream big and take some risks for God’s glory!  I hope many of you read this book and get inspired as I have.  Thanks, John, for sharing your story with us.

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Right at the heart of what God is doing in me right now — thanks!


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