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Interesting Divorce Stats

I have always heard that the divorce rate among Christians is about equal to that of non-Christians and that rate is around 50%.  I don’t know where those stats came from, but I recently came across these stats and thought them to be very interesting.

This data comes from the General Social Survey (GSS, 2000-2004) – one of the best known sources of sociological data.  Several sub-categories were considered, but I will present only the major categories here.

48% among all non-Christians

41% among all Christians

The survey further breaks out a distinction between those that are “frequent” attenders (defined as attending church once a week or more) and non-frequent attenders.

32% among all frequent Christians

54% among non-frequent Evangelicals

This is (somewhat) encouraging.  Faith in God and the pursuit of a moral standard for life does yield better success rates in marriage.  To be fair, other religions (Judaism, Mormonism, Christian Science) also have lower divorce rates.  This should not be surprising as they have similar moral teachings about marriage and divorce.   For example, the divorce rate for all frequent Catholics is 23%.

Our modern culture is an all-out assault on our moral, family values.  Belief in God, but even more importantly, faithfulness to a local body of believers (a church) is critical in helping you maintain the strength necessary to preserve and enjoy your marriage the way God intended.  So next time you’re at church and the preacher is emphasizing being faithful in attendance, take a minute and thank him for caring enough about your family to remind you of that!

It is only by His grace that we are who we are.

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