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New Things…

As we approach another new year, I can see that there are many new things happening in our midst.  First of all, I can sense that the spirit in our church is new.  People are excited to get together again.  They come early and stay late.  They are arranging their lives and schedules to participate.  They are assessing their priorities and thinking more about how they can reach their friends for Jesus.

Our Christmas service on December 19th displayed this point clearly.  We had several new elements as we worshipped together.  Some of these are new for FBC, or at least new for our “recent history.”  It was great!

  • Katie Miller – original composition (music and lyrics).
  • Molly Weisgarber – the story of a song illustrated through dance.
  • Orchestra – with participants from all generations of our church serving together.
  • Skit – humorous, yet with a message.

All in all, there were roughly 40 different people leading some element of our time together – not counting all the children and workers that came and led a song!

As we approach 2011, there are many new things that we will continue to be faced with.  My prayer is that we will all be open to whatever the Lord has for us.  We have no idea how much more time we all have on this earth, so we need to make the most of it while we are here!  As the great missionary pioneer William Carey is quoted as saying:  “Expect great things from God.  Attempt great things for God.”

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im excited with u pastor jeff!!!…God is amazing!


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