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Christians can be Stupid

It’s amazing to me how dumb many Christians can be.  (Certainly not all – but too many in my opinion.)  I feel qualified to comment on this since I, too, am a born-again Christian.  I love Christian people.  With all their flaws, I still prefer their company on a day-to-day basis than non-Christian people.  So as one with significant experience dealing with these, “my people”, it breaks my heart to see some of the foolishness that they buy into.

According to the scriptures we have been given the ability to have a superior mind.

Psalms 119:98-100 Thou through thy commandments hast made me wiser than mine enemies: for they are ever with me.  I have more understanding than all my teachers: for thy testimonies are my meditation. I understand more than the ancients, because I keep thy precepts.

But I have noticed that rare is the individual that avails him/herself of this resource.  The Bible will straighten out a multitude of problems, heresies, religious beliefs, etc.  It’s the Book of Life!  It has the answers for all of life’s issues.  For the modern “believer,” however, all they need is for someone to mention “God” in the sentence and it is taken as truth.  That bugs me.

John 17:17 Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth.

Because this phenomenon exists, many have literally “cashed in” on it and market “Christian products” to the feeble-minded.  The latest that I have heard of is a natural health supplement that comes from a special tree.  “Miracles” are taking place (supposedly) because of the amazing effects of this product.  “Oh what a wonderful tree God gave us!”  (See how it works?!)  My question is:  Where has this tree been for the last 6000 years of human history?  Why has it just appeared now?  Could this be the “tree of life” that God talked about in the Bible?  (Sarcastic – sorry, I couldn’t help myself.)

No my friends, it is just another product that may have some natural health benefits.  Our health in the USA is generally poor.  People don’t eat right and the introduction of some fiber or non-processed food product may truly help many.  Great!  Awesome!  I’m thrilled!  No problem whatsoever.  Please don’t make it more than that.

It is also (like so many other passing fads) a multi-level marketing plan.  Where I come from we call that a “pyramid scheme.”  I lived in Albania in 1997 when the entire country collapsed in a brutal civil war due to a mafia-run, government-supported pyramid investment scheme.  “Everyone” put all their saving in this scheme, and everyone lost it all.  Even missionary friends of mine were investing.  (I told you that I have experience with the brethren not demonstrating high intelligence.)  At that time, I did a Bible study lesson from the Proverbs on “get rich quick” schemes.  Those that listened to the advanced wisdom of the scriptures were fine.  Those that didn’t lost it all.  Some of the “good people” out there telling you about how “God gave us this wonderful gift” are really just trying to sign you up in their downstream sales pyramid and therefore make more money off of you.

For my friends reading this out there, please don’t get mad at me.  I promise I have no problem with you or anybody purchasing products that help you.  I don’t mind if you can make money selling products to others.  Just don’t make it more than it is.  Don’t “explain away” the fact that a pyramid is a pyramid is a pyramid no matter how you carefully select different terminology.  Hey, if it’s legal and not sinful – go for it if you like.  Personally, I’m not interested.  And please be careful not to get carried away with something that could take your mind off of the real mission that God has given us.  Don’t lose your balance in your walk with the Lord.

If you want to lose weight, eat less and burn more calories.  Period.  If you want to eat healthier – great!  Stop eating all the packaged, processed foods and start eating things that actually have an expiration date.  If you want TRUTH, please go to the Source of all truth – the Bible – and stop buying into opinions of “good people” without checking out what God really has already said about it.

I’m just sayin’ …

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I absolutely agree that we Christians can be stupid. One only has to surf through the “Christian” programming on television. The vast majority being “Prosperity Ministry”, “Name It and Claim It Ministry”, and various “Seed Sowers”.

But I’m writing to give you some insight into how these network marketing businesses work. They all have a product, they would be blatantly criminal if not. The product is always overpriced, it must be to make the multi-level payouts. There is always somebody who makes a lot of money. But what most people will not recognize is that the “successful” network marketers are professional network marketers. They have a huge network (100,000′s) of people that follow them from one business to another. Which is why they look like overnight success’s, it is simply a shell game. Once a business starts to lose momentum, and they all do this business can not be sustained, they leaders fold tents and go looking for another product/business to start.

I’ve been involved in several (a different life) and know first hand who some of the players are and how they make money and the fact that 90% of the people who get involved lose money. These business’s are most successful in bad economies and they prey on desperate people. And if I’m asked, and I’m am frequently asked, I tell those involved the same as I’m telling you.

The truly sad part is most of these people who do get involved are decent people trying to do the right thing. But once they are in they are all in. They will repeat everything they are told about how great the products are. Of course they buy the products themselves, how could you possibly sell something you yourself doesn’t use. This is how they lose a lot of money. But what they are trained to do is recruit everyone they know to join them. This is how this type of business runs through a community (and church) like a wildfire. What the promoters want more than anything else is to meet everyone you know. They then play a numbers game, knowing that anywhere between 10-25% of the people they can get a meeting with will a) join, b) buy products, and c) give them another list of people.

I wanted to write you to thank you for speaking truth to those who do not want to hear it.


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