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Do what only you can do

While it is true that “one man can only do so much”, we also need to balance that by being careful not to get lazy, or simply keep busy without working “smarter.”  The phrase “do what only you can do” applies.  It reminds us to delegate responsibilities that others can do and move on to items that only we can do.  That way, we are most effective and most productive.

This applied when I decided to leave Decatur, AL and move to Tirana, Albania.  I was the Middle School ministry leader in a church of almost 1000 people.  If I left that ministry, there were many others that were capable of doing it.  But who would go to Albania in 1992?  So I surrendered.  Similarly, in 2006 I left Albania with the same mindset.  The churches we started and the ministry responsibilities I had were being carried out by very capable Albanian men.  They were able, willing and proven to be able to do all that I was doing.  So why would I continue in that role anymore?  My desire would be to return to the US and work with a church (or churches) that could develop a partnership with the Albanian churches and provide a level of support and partnership that we previously did not have.

Now we are at a point where we can begin to develop that cooperation with our Albanian brothers and sisters.  We are planning our first “annual” trip to Albania this May.  We will be investigating the possibility of helping many Albanian churches with the ministry of personal discipleship.  We will work towards helping develop the children’s ministry at Kisha Biblike Baptiste e Tiranes.  (Tirana Bible Baptist Church)  We will begin to look into opportunities for sending out Albanians as missionaries and church planters.  If all of us keep the mindset of “doing what only we can do” and allowing others to do the same, we can accomplish a lot more!  One thing is for sure, it won’t be boring!

Some call it “working yourself out of a job.”  I call it “discipleship.”  Don’t get stuck in a rut – train someone else to do what you do and go try new things for the glory of God!

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Jeff, What a pleasant surprise it was to accidentally come across your blog! I praise God for men like you who He is using to “work themselves out of a job”! I will pray for your ministry as you seek to have equal give and take between the American and Albanian church- a fantastic goal.


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