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Why KJV?

Some things are mere preferences and other things really matter.  Everyone has the right to decide which aspects of their Christian lives fall into which category.  At First Baptist Church, we believe that the translation of the Bible we read is something that really matters.  While it is not my intent to alienate or offend anyone concerning the specific version or translation of the Bible they prefer to read and my desire is not to debate or argue this issue, I do believe that this is an important issue and therefore am taking the time to give a general explanation as to why we believe and use exclusively the old King James Version of the Bible at FBC. Our church has a unique blend of traditional and contemporary styles.  Personally, I love our balance and believe that there are many others who appreciate it as well.

Since 2011 marks the 400th anniversary since the original publishing of the Authorized Version (aka King James Version), we are clearing off a space to discuss what I consider to be the bigger issues in this debate.  This is by no means a detailed study of this subject.

For all those following our current Sunday morning series, I want to make available this BibleChart.  The chart accompanies the 2nd message dealing with Bible manuscripts.

If in the course of your study of this issue you have specific questions that you would like me to (attempt to) answer, then please leave your questions in the comment section.  I will try to answer all sincere, polite questions.  If your intent is to argue or mock either side, I will not spend my valuable time addressing those.

If you are interested in listening to our current series on the KJV, you can find it here.  May God bless your pursuit of Him through His Holy word.

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Jeff, I watched the documentary “KJB” last night. Very well done, it includes the historical backdrop and the political intrigue that James I inherited. Treats the subject matter very well.


I would like to listen to your KJV messages but the audio only goes back to July 2013, any idea how I can listen to them?


Yes, you can request a copy through our church website:


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