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Is it really FAITH?

As we approach our annual missions conference, we are introducing the concept of giving financially to missions with a system called “Faith Promise.”  If you have been around Baptist churches very long, you probably are already familiar with this concept.  I talked about it in my last blog post, so I won’t reiterate that info here.

How is FAITH really a part of this?  Normally, people give to charities based on what they can afford or what they want to give.  That is great, but this is a bit different.  With Faith Promise, we don’t calculate what WE want to give – rather, we PRAY and ask God what HE wants us to give.  There is no audible voice.  It is not magic.  But if you spend any considerable time with God in prayer, you know how He can impress your heart with very specific information – answers to your prayers – things that He is directing you to do – IF ONLY you will have FAITH in Him!  Then, once you land on the amount that you believe God wants to give through you, you follow the steps that I laid out in my previous blog post.

It’s fun!  I hope you all do it.  Once you make the PROMISE to trust God by FAITH in participating in seeing all the peoples of the world get the chance to get saved, you will be forever changed – for the better!

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