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What is Faith Promise?

It is a promise to give a financial gift to global outreach based on your faith in God.  It is a commitment of a certain amount that God puts on your heart, after spending time in prayer asking Him how much He would like to give through you.

It’s not magic.  You won’t just open your wallet and have money pour out of it.  It is faith in God to enable you to give more that you think you can give, all the while still meeting all of your personal needs.


My promise is to give the amount God lays on my heart.

My faith is exercised as I trust God to provide for me and allow me to give that amount.

 How exactly do I do that?

1)      Pray!  Don’t just pick some amount that you think you can afford.  Ask God to lead you to the amount He wants to give through you.

2)      Commit!  Stick with it, even if it doesn’t seem doable at first.

3)      Look!  Look for unexpected ways for God to provide this amount.  You will be amazed at the things that God will do to allow you to keep your promise.

  • Maybe you will get an unexpected raise at work.
  • Maybe you will receive money in an inheritance.
  • Maybe you can earn extra money in a yard sale.
  • Maybe you can choose to spend less on eating out or other entertainment so that the peoples of this world can get the gospel.

4)      Give!  Have faith in God.  Give as God enables you.

Remember, this is your offering to God for global missionary outreach.  It does not replace your normal tithes and offerings.  It is “above & beyond” your normal level of giving.  Our church’s missions committee can plan what we can do as a church to support missions around the world next year based on your faith promises.

Psalms 24:1  The earth is the LORD’S, and the fulness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein.

God is fully able to do whatever He needs to get done with or without us.  Participating in Faith-Promise giving for world evangelism is our opportunity for God to use us to get His work accomplished!  I definitely want God to use me and I’m sure you want that too.



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