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If we want to REACH the world, we have to STRETCH!  This is the theme of our upcoming missions conference at FBC, starting this Sunday, November 6th and continuing through Wednesday, November 9th.  In fact, will be a new website for our global mission outreach of FBC.  It is being developed so keep checking back to see the progress.  The idea is that if we are going to participate in reaching the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ, we need to be stretched in our faith.  We need to exercise it more to prepare it for more challenging tasks ahead.

If you spend much time serving or following global missions, you realize that it is one, big, happy family!  Over time, it seems like everybody knows somebody who knows just about everybody in the world of missionaries!  (Did that make sense?) This year we will have representatives from Albania, Mongolia and Peru as well as a couple that does children’s ministry worldwide.  All of our guests are good personal friends of mine.  Several of them have known each other prior to coming here.  It makes for a great family reunion and a brief glimpse of what heaven will be like one day.  I can’t wait for that – but until then, I will really enjoy these events!

For those of you in the New Philadelphia area, please plan to attend starting at 9:00am Sunday and 7:00pm Monday – Wednesday.  You won’t be disappointed!  If you are not in the New Philadelphia area, please pray with us that God is glorified and many people respond to the “stretching exercises” that God has planned for us!

At the end of the day, what could possibly be more important than to invest your life in something that will last for eternity?  Every year that clicks off is another year closer to the end – either the end of time or (at least) the end of our lives here on Earth.  This is our chance to “step it up a notch” and give our lives to something that matters.  I hope to see you here!

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