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A Big Victory in Atlanta

No, this is not a post about the Civil War.

On December 11th I had the privilege of participating in an ordination service for a young man that got saved in my Jr. High youth group about 20 years ago.  This brother is currently serving as a youth pastor and plans to start a new church in 2012.  This is a huge victory!  This is why God left us here on Earth after our salvation – to carry out His mission to fulfill the Great Commission and start new churches.

I was also greatly encouraged because he plans to start the new church in the same city that I was wanting to start a church prior to coming to New Philadelphia.  It’s great to know that when I left behind the possibility of starting a church in Emerson, GA myself, that God is still at work and calling men to go there to reach that city for Christ.  For me, personally, it helps fill what was an empty feeling of thinking I was leaving a work undone.  I guess God knew what He was doing all along!

I have been stimulated to re-evaluate my commitment concerning my personal involvement in the Great Commission.  I am tired of talking about it.  I want to act in such a way as to affect real results that will last for eternity.  If you want that to rub off on you, come hang out with me.  If you don’t, well, …

Let’s go make a difference in this world!

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When and where. I have been feeling unused for too long now, and it is now time to quit making excuses, and get busy.


Love it Jeff! It’s always great to find out how God finishes His work He started in us even when we may not be the one He finishes it with…then again sometimes He allows us to be the one to finish His work at a place He started with somebody else. Interesting…


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