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Old Year’s Resolutions

So here we are again.  Saying goodbye to the old year and welcoming in the new.  Like many, I typically make resolutions and like many, I typically don’t keep them.  Before I launch out with a new set of goals for 2012, I have to look back at 2011 and see how I’ve done.  Some of the goals I set are personal, some professional and others spiritual.  (Yes, there is overlap in these categories.)

Among the different goals I set for myself in 2011 was the one goal that I have set (and never kept) for about 10 years now.  I determined to lose weight.  I’d rather not state publicly how much I weighed at the beginning of 2011, but I can finally and proudly declare that I used to wear size 38 pants (and they were too tight!) and now I wear a comfortable 36!   One of the deacons at our church expressed his encouragement for my noticeable weight loss by observing that we need to change the photo of me from our church’s website (it has been changed now – you can view it here).  He commented that “if a visitor comes to church after looking at the website he will expect to see a fat guy preaching, but instead you will be up there.”  I love this kind of encouragement!  I must admit, I have given in to the Thanksgiving / Christmas cheer of enjoying the goodies these past 2 months, but I am still doing better than ever before.

I think it’s important to rejoice in the victories, however trivial they may seem.  We beat ourselves up enough about our failures.

So how did you do with your 2011 resolutions? Share your victories here and we can all rejoice together.

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It may just be my non-conformist nature but I never make New Years resolutions and for the same reason I never buy exercise equipment. Three days later it can be found in some dark seldom visited area of your life. For me, for a resolution to have any chance to succeed it must be a New Days resolution.


Maybe the more biblical word would be “vow.”


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