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Christians and Alcohol

As I study the scriptures, I find that Christians are not “forbidden” to drink alcohol.  As a result, I have taught that we should not teach something that the scriptures do not.  Yet while I teach this subject, I am always very clear to point out that there is no good reason for anyone to drink if they really want to be faithful servants of the Lord.

Some have heard me teach on this subject and used it to bolster their pre-determined position:  whether for or against drinking alcohol.  Such is human nature.

Recently I came across some outstanding teaching on this issue by John MacArthur.  He recently did 2 messages that describe in great detail and clarity the truth of Christians and alcohol.  I couldn’t possibly agree more with the teaching and therefore offer for you the links to his messages here:

Christians and Alcohol

Interrogating Alcohol

You can also get them through his Grace to You: Pulpit Podcast.  Enjoy!

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Thank you. I have seen what drinking can do. I was on the other side of the mess. I used to drink socially and then realized I too could have an alcohol problem. It destroys and makes you out of control. God bless Jeff. I have learned so much from you and still learn.


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