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A god unto them

witnessingWhile reading this morning I noticed in Exodus 7:1 “And the Lord said unto Moses, See, I have made thee a god to Pharaoh: and Aaron thy brother shall be thy prophet.”  Now, I understand that the Egyptians believed in many gods, so one more probably wouldn’t be a stretch for them.  Then I thought about the bigger picture and a practical application to this verse.  At the end of Exodus 6, Moses complains about his new duty to go and talk to Pharaoh on God’s behalf.  Moses chickens out and God gets frustrated with him and concedes that Aaron will do all the talking.  What do we learn from this?  Notice, God does not speak directly to the pagan population.  He chooses rather to speak to His prophet and have the prophet speak to the people on His behalf.  That’s why Aaron is now called the prophet since he is actually the one talking to Pharaoh and Moses is “a god” because he just gives Aaron the words to say.

As I think about that, it reinforces our duty today as God’s spokespeople.  He is not speaking directly to unsaved people, but to us – believers in Jesus Christ.  Our job is to deliver His message to the unsaved world.  If we respond like Moses, we too frustrate God.  He will get the job done – just with someone else.  Let’s not use humility to keep us from obedience.  Don’t let yourself say: “Well, as long as the work gets done is all that matters.  I don’t need to be the one God uses.”  Let’s not shrink from our responsibility to speak up for God as He has called us to do.  Don’t be “a god unto them” – be what God asked you to be – a prophet, a proclaimer or God’s words to people who need to hear it!

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I am really looking forward to your class on evangelism in February.


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