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missionsAs I sit and ponder the close of our annual world missions conference here at FBC, my focus is sharper than ever concerning what is really important.  While we enjoyed the fellowship and encouragement from our missionary guests (see and challenged our church to give sacrificially to support missions, I am most excited about the ever-growing number of young adults that are seeing their lives in the light of God’s mission.  The more I think about it, the more convinced I am that there is no greater thing that a person can throw his life at.  What could be greater?

Think about it – what job could be more important than that of a missionary?  A politician?  (Forget the modern, self-serving variety if you can and consider the old school “serve the people” variety.)  Even if you work to reform some corrupt government and establish a new society that will help millions of people live a peaceful life, that realization still only lasts a generation or two.  If you help people know Jesus as Lord, you help them for EVER!  Ditto every other interesting, challenging, self-fulfilling job on the market.

As I reflect on the opportunities God has given me to serve in Albania, despite all the challenges of fighting the world, the flesh and the devil, I would sign up all over again for another round.  No problem.  Today, my joy comes from helping other young men and women realize their potential and take the gospel to many new places that I may never go.  In this stage of my life, I hope that I have gained a little wisdom in exchange for the decreased level of energy.  (An unavoidable consequence of mid-life!)  When I hear from missionaries about new places and people getting saved – my heart speeds up and my eyes widen just a little.

As a result, I am ever more committed to developing Biblical training for those who see what I see – the greatest possible cause and opportunity in the world:  world evangelism.  I was greatly encouraged by one of the missionaries who visited our conference and commented that he could see that we were right on the brink of seeing God do some great things here!  My prayer is that the Lord Jesus Christ would raise up an army of courageous men and women who have the vision and do the hard work to prepare themselves and go to the world that is waiting…

Maybe you would like to be on the list?

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Wonderful! Praise God for what He is doing there and around the world.


I love this post. I may not have the energy or health to do what the younger generation can do. But with God’s help I will do what I can to encourage and help those that are willing to go.

I don’t know what God has in store for my life, but whatever it is, my life belongs to Him and I am willing to do whatever He calls me to do.


I couldn’t agree more!


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