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learn leadIn our church we have a path for training men for ministry.  It includes personal discipleship, which is a one-on-one mentoring system to learn the fundamentals of the faith.  Then we offer 6 classroom sessions over a two-year time frame to equip them with practical tools and training for ministry.  Upon completion of that, we offer leadership training through our local Leadership Training Institute.  We have just finished our class on homiletics, the study of how to preach a sermon.

We emphasize expository preaching, which is the process of “exposing” what the Bible says.  Typically this is a direct study of a particular passage of scripture, although that could be based on a given topic of study.  It has been a great semester and the guys have learned a lot.

After instruction on how to diagram and outline a passage of scripture, we learned how to outline a sermon and then actually spent several weeks practicing sermon delivery.  For the past several weeks it’s been fun watching the guys practice, learn and grow.  They are getting better every week and as they get more opportunities they will continue to improve.  This is exciting!  These guys are now able to prepare a biblically accurate message in an interesting, relevant way.

This is also one more significant step toward preparation for ministry leadership and one day (possibly) being sent out from our church to begin new churches around the world.  This is hard work and the guys that do it sacrifice a lot of their time to learn, but this is all necessary to participate in God’s mission to reach the world with the gospel.  ”No pain, no gain.”  So I am really proud of these guys for their desire, dedication to the work and vision to see the bigger picture – all which drive them to continue to sacrifice, study and prepare to be the most effective communicators of the most important message in the world!


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